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Christine Went's Biography

Chrstine Went 2_edited.jpg

As a small child at school in Leeds, Christine discovered, almost simultaneously, a love of writing and of history and archaeology.


She scribbled stories endlessly, which no-one seemed to mind, but organising an excavation of the school flower beds was another matter! Diverted from a career in archaeology, she became a legal secretary, but the hankering remained. Then, when she was in her 30s, the University of Leeds mature student entry scheme provided an opportunity to do a joint honours degree in archaeology and history.


Following site work with Cambridge University’s archaeology unit she was, for several years, part of English Heritage’s monuments protection programme. She also undertook historical research some of which was used by ‘Time Team’. her personal research agenda is ongoing, and the scribbling has never stopped throughout. In between, Christine has had four children and now lives in York with her second husband, David, and the ever-increasing results of her addiction to books. Christine will read almost anything that’s well-written and can go from Steven Runciman to Malcolm Pryce in a blink.

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