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Llantathan (2022)

The debut novel from the supernatural series

1980s Llantathan. A place with a rich archaeological heritage, a dislike of strangers, an overbearing estate owner and a history of unfortunate accidents. 

A godforsaken place, some call it, and that was closer to the truth than anyone could possible believe. 

John, Adam, Marina and Stephanie are brought together by the threads of their lives to the little village in south Wales and it isn't long before the questions begin.

Questions about what is really going on in this strange community, yes, but questions, too, about themselves and each other. How do you cope when you realise that your neighbours are killers? When you're forced to believe the impossible? When you know that you will carry the scars of your experiences forever ...

... if you live. 

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Available in paperback and on Kindle

“This is a brilliantly told story. I could not put it down. A gripping historical fiction with a touch of the supernatural.”

Alex, Kemps Books, Malton

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